Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed of high level experts originating in equal number from the Member States and Canada. The Advisory Board is being invited to support the project partners in selecting experts to attend major events organised by the project and are giving advice on the selection of areas of mutual interest for Canada-EU collaboration.

During the implementation of the project, the Advisory Board is providing:

  •  Advice regarding priority activities how to reach out to stakeholders having mutual interest for
  • Canada-EU collaboration
  • Feedback on the first periodic report and
  • Suggestions on the implementation or any necessary modification of project activities.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada invited the main Canadian funding bodies to appoint their representatives as members of the ERA-Can+ project Advisory Board. The participation of the funding agencies in the advisory board of the project assures a clear involvement, and the opportunity for them to have an active role in the project on a on-going basis.

On the European side representatives knowledgeable of Canada-EU cooperation in S&T and innovation, and the strategic interests of the leading authorities and actors in their respective jurisdictions (having led national or transnational research and/or innovation organizations) was selected during the kick off meeting of ERA-Can+ and approached immediately thereafter to serve on the Advisory Board. They attend specific meetings such as priority setting workshops and give advice on STI Policy Recommendations.

Download short profiles of the ERA-Can+ Advisory Board members here: ADVISORY BOARD BROCHURE – May 2016 [PDF]