ERA-Can+ Services

Expected results

  • Two comprehensive reports on Canada-EU STI policies and  programmes  as well as Canadian participation in FP7/Horizon 2020 and European participation in Canadian funding programmes. Download the ERA-Can+ STI observatory report here.
  • At least one meeting involving European and Canadian program owners to promote joint policies and programme cooperation
  • Two recommendation reports focused on  enhancing the EU-Canada policy dialogue, delivered to  the Joint Science and Technology Cooperation Committee (JSTCC)
  • Five training sessions on FP7/Horizon 2020 and Canadian funding programmes for ERA-Can+ partners and NCPs
  • Fifteen in-person information sessions in Canada and 16 in Europe to raise awareness of Horizon 2020 and Canadian programmes
  • An online helpdesk to respond to stakeholders’ questions
  • Six webinars on intellectual property rights (IPRs), legal issues and financial issues for European and Canadian stakeholders
  • Six roundtables on the targeted societal challenges (three in Europe and three in Canada)
  • An event calendar listing project activities and external events of interest to stakeholders. You may download the archived internal and external calendar entries.


List of deliverables and reports

Eventually all public reports will be accessible from this table

Deliverable Due date
D 1.1 Project meetings report Project end
D 1.2 Periodic and final reports Project end
D 1.3 Event Calendar November 2013
D 1.4 External Review Committee Reports July 2016
D 1.5 Advisory Board Recommendations Reports Project end
D 2.1 STI observatory Report February 2016
D 2.2 Program Level Cooperation Meetings Reports Project end
D 2.3 STI Policy Recommendations Mai 2016
D 3.1 Five Training Reports Project end
D 3.2 Information Sessions Reports Project end
D 3.3 Webinars Reports Project end
D 3.4 Three Networking Reports Project end
D 4.1 Implementation Plans November 2014
D 4.2 Symposium Reports Project end
D 4.4 Feasibility study for the Joint EU Member States Liaison Office in Canada Project end
D 5.1 Communication and Exploitation Plan December 2013
D 5.2 Website February 2014
D 5.3 Leaflet February 2014
D 5.4 Moving infographics March 2014
D 5.5 Horizon 2020 Guide for Canadians and Guide to Canadian STI Programmes for Europeans September 2014
D 5.6 Dissemination reports Project end