ERA-Can+ Webinar on Horizon 2020

The first ERA-Can+ webinar introduced the ERA-Can+ project as well as the European Union`s current Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020. The second part of the webinar focused on opportunities for Canadians to participate in Horizon 2020.

If you want to stream the recording of the full webinar please follow this link:

The links below provide you with the presentations about the ‘ERA-Can+ Project’ by Johanna Füllmann and the ‘Introduction to Horizon 2020’ by Miriam de Angelis. All questions and answers were tracked and can be downloaded (please use the link). If you have further questions please address them to

Additional webinars will be presented over the coming months on legal and financial issues related to participation in Horizon 2020.  Please note that this webinar is only available in English language.

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